whenever I make a trifle I make 2 ... one for Steve and one for his parents. Its a really easy pudding that makes you feel like summer!

makes 2 smaller trifles or one larger one
3 trifle sponges or some sponge cake
tin of mixed fruit or some berries
1 jelly

whipped cream
hundreds and thousands, crushed flake or cherries or another topping.

Break up the cake and place in the bottom of the bowl.
Drain the fruit (if its tinned) and place on top of the cake.
Make a jelly and carefully pour on top of the fruit and cake. Leave to set in the fridge over night.
make custard and pour on top of the jelly, leave to set.

Whip the cream and put on top of the custard.
Sprinkle on your topping, hundreds and thousands, a crushed up flake or cherries are good. 

roll on summer!!


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