magpie monday :: tubs and planters

I love plants around the house and so luckily so does Steve :) but I do love them in pottery pots so I am always on the look out for a bargain pot. Last Wednesday mum and I had a little mooch around Kington where there are a few charity shops and was really pleased to come home with some that I love!

the urn type one was the most expensive, it was £5 but I just L-O-V-E it!!

the stoneware one was the most bargainous at only 50p (!!!) it has a flat back too and can hang on the wall. I was really please to find the cream one, which was £2 as it matches a white one that Steve and I found in a field near our home and looks lovely on the kitchen window sill. The little mug was only 75p and I bought it 'just cos' I love stoneware mugs!
this is the pot we found the other week ... it needed a good clean but is in perfect condition! :)

my dad-in-law gave me these lovely old tubs for the garden, there are 2 big round ones and this little stone one that looks really old

I bought the white ones a few years ago and they have been sitting empty for a while, so I am loving having them back out and full again!


  1. I love planting up in unusual pots and things. Great selection you've picked up there.

    Sorry, I'm struggling with workload this week, if I don't manage a post this week, please link this up next x


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