afternoon at the owl centre

just to warn you ... there are lots of photos in this post!!

It was my birthday yesterday and my brother was up for the weekend with his 2 girls so we went to the Small Breeds Farm and Owl Centre in Kington ... it was lovely weather and I got a bit carried away taking photos!! ... again ... but there were so many lovely owls and animals to snap!

as you go in, there were owls you can stroke and this fella looked so proud!

this is the one I fell in love with though ... I asked mum if I could have an owl for Christmas and she said 'yes, as soon as I find an owl shop!!'

He was so soft (mum and steves hands there!!)

in another room they had some baby ones ... one totally looked like a fur ball but he was hiding in the corner and my photo didn't come out of him ... but this one came right up close :)

this one had been born that day so shares my birthday!

out side in the farm there were lots of birds, swans, ducks and geese.

and some funny looking animals!

and I am still wanting some pigmy-goats ... these babies were soooooooo cute!

and in the owl part there were many many beautiful owls.

back at the entrance we said good bye to the owls that welcomed us  ... he is still my favourite ... so could have taken him home!

before getting distracted by the cute duckling :)

and we came home to a lovely buffet tea and as you are never too old for your mum to make you a cake, my mum made her best ever and guess what ... it was an owl!!


  1. Aww, looks as if you had a really fun birthday :)

  2. Looks like such a lovely day! Of course you liked that owl he's just like you little China boy owl. Is it ME or does Natasha look just like you at the same age (from the photos I've seen) ;-)

    1. Yes it was a perfect place to go! :)
      I don't think she looks that much like me, she looks more like her mum, she is very sweet though :)


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