May is my favourite month as its my birthday month and usually the start of some really lovely weather, if we haven't had any yet ... and this last couple of weeks hasn't been nice :/

Steve has been lambing all month, 7 days a week so I am looking forward to having him round a bit more again :)

I am pleased that I managed to get a lot of the hallway border painted like I wanted to ... its not quite finished hence, no photos but I will show it to you as soon as its done!

We also now have clean water ... no more boiling water or having to get drinking water from Steve's parents or from when I visit my mum and dad :) We are not on mains water, it is spring water, and we have to have a special ultra-violet light filter thing fitted ... which clever Steve has done.

not sure if you can see the difference in the photo, but there is one!!

so my plans for may ... well I really want to finish the hallway and there is a bit between the kitchen and living room that needs doing too. I will be seeing a couple of my brothers and their families this month too and I can't wait!!!

am also hoping that we can get the wood sorted under the kitchen units (by the floor) as they are dust traps and every time some dried dog food rolls under, Dilly and Timber lie there for ages with their noses shoved under till I crawl down on my hands and knees and try and find what it is they want!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx