May has flown by and I have been so behind on my blogging and there is so much that I have wanted to blog ... oh well, I guess living is better than blogging!

I have been enjoying spent time (when its not been raining)in my 'new' little green house that Steve bought me :) I do want to get a glass one eventually thats bigger, but as this is only in a temporary till we sort out the back corner, it's perfect for now :)

we have made a raised bed for the beans in the old bath ... I love it!!

I have planted herbs, which I am planning on planting in an old tin bath that Steve's dad gave me and Steve has 'bashed' holes in the bottom ... it will be a herb garden that I can move when we have sorted out the garden more :)

and I have been growing sweet corn and peas ... oh the excitement when they poked through ;) haha

the hanging baskets are up ... we have 5 all along the front of the cabin and they look really lovely ... why have I not got a photo yet?? note to self ... take photo!

we have also made another bed and the tomatos are planted in it, although Timber did decide that digging one up was a good idea last week when we went out .. cheeky boy!

and we have window baskets below the living room windows ... oh it is all too cute! haha

what else have I been up to? well we have at last, after changing our plans every few weeks, set a date and booked a place and have made the invites ... just need to finish writing them!

we have also become a brewery! last night we bottled the big barrel of pear cider thats been sitting behind the sofa, and now we have to wait 3 weeks to try it :)

and the doggies ... well Dilly-dog has enjoyed seeing some of her favourite people in the whole world and despite being called 'ridiculous' by Bex because she has gone a 'little' fluffy since being spayed, she is missing them, especially cuddles with her gorgeous Kara x

... I miss them too, despite being told my dog is 'ridiculous' ;) haha

and Timber is happy just eating the postman!

so whats on for June?
well I have spent hours and hours getting new designs done and my folders ready to take round the shops again, so finishing them would be good and having fun with my mum making wedding things, picking up my wedding ring from Aberaeron, finishing the hall way (I have worked on it a bit this month, but not quite finished it) ... and planting out my seedlings too I hope :D


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx