another month seems to have just gone and I have hardly blogged at all! I don't feel like I have stopped at all though and wedding preparations are well under way as well as trying to make the spare room like a bedroom for my best friend to come and stay at the end of the week ... it was a bit of a storage dump for my 'little owl' stuff. We have put in the window sill and curtain pole and bought a bed for £20 from the paper ... the mattress looks brand new so am very pleased with it :)

we have had weeks of gorgeous sunshine and my beans, peas, tomatos and herbs have grown loads ... its only been this week that there has been a bit of rain, which I can't complain about as it saves me the job of watering every night and sometimes helps my hay-fever ease off a bit which has been really bad this year!

Its funny to think that after thinking about our wedding for over a year now, and changing my mind every few weeks as to what we should do, its now its less than 7 weeks away! When we booked it, it was just going to be us, parents, brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews ... and now, although the actual wedding will still be just us, we are having a big celebration afterward with all extended family ... and I come from a big family! Its becoming more and more like a 'proper' wedding every week with bridesmaids, best man and a cake (which weren't in the original plan!) Still saying no to hats, speeches and cutting of the cake though! I know Steve would still rather we had just gone away on holiday and got married, so am hoping he wont disappear in the afternoon without me, as neither of us like being the centre of attention and I have never been very good with big family gatherings ... I think we may have to 'pop' home and check on the dogs a few times! ;)

I have been growing out my fringe for the last few months, but still need to decide exactly what I am going to be doing with my hair!
I know I promised you a sneaky-peek at the painting in the hallway a couple of months ago ... I still haven't finished, but there is enough done to show you a bit ... just got to add the birds!

so plans for for July?
well carry on with wedding preparations, including fitting in my dress!
painting a wall in the living room and of course finishing the hallway!
but the main July plan is having a great time with Tina staying :)


  1. Blogging is not exciting when you have a wedding, garden & house to nurture :) ENJOY IT!


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