some gold jewellery

Ever since I got my engagement ring, I seem to have stopped wearing any other jewellery apart from the odd pair of earrings. This is because most of my jewellery is silver but my ring is gold and rose gold. I spent the other day making the jewellery for my wedding, for me, bridesmaids, friend and mum-in-law and got a bit too into it and carried on making some more for myself!

I will show you the wedding jewellery after the big event, but I can share with you the rest of what I made :) Some of it is made from beads and bits of broken jewellery I got given, with new findings and beads and bits I already had!

I am not sure how much I will wear, but hopefully I will get back in to a bit of bling when I need it :)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx