wedding fun :: favours

as I said before I wasn't going to have a seating plan so wanted a branch for the wedding favours to hang on, then mum and I had the idea that they would be in a basket and the bridesmaids would go round handing them out, but thinking about the practicalities of it being a carvery and tables getting up one at a time for the first course and the room not being that big, I did give in and do the traditional thing of putting the gifts on the tables.

I made lots of wooden keyrings, personalised them with everyones name and tried to pick shapes that were suitable for each person ... even though they had their names on, I wanted to add tags that matched the seating tags, so made some slightly smaller!

I really enjoyed making them, although when Timber decided to eat one, I wasn't that impressed that I had to make another!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx