wedding fun :: hen day out

so I have now been married for over a week ... it still all seems like a dream! I have so much I want to share with you, lots and lots of photos and all the things I have made!

but I thought I should probably start with my hen day out ... we weren't going to do a stag or hen 'thing' but then Steves friend and best man organised a fishing trip for him and some mates on the 9th August so I had a day out on the following Saturday with my mum and Steves sister and 2 daughters!

I wanted to put up some of Steve's fishing trip as there were some great photos ... on Georges phone ... which he still hasn't sent me!!! ;) so I only have these few from before he left at 6 in the morning ...

they all had a really good time and I want to go with him next time!

the morning of the 16th Steve got called out on a job and came back just before I left with a present for me ... a chicken!!! she was really friendly and loved being held :)

I decided to think of a name for her while I was out :)

We had such a lovely day a Powis Castle ...

look ... there was even a stripper for us!!

the cafe we ate in was called Lady Henrietta's tea rooms and as it was my hen do, we decided my hen should be called Lady Henrietta!

when I got home I was presented by Steves mum with Henriettas first egg :) ...


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx