wedding snaps :: part 1

well its been 12 days now since we got married ... not sure where the last 2 weeks have gone and I thought time was flying before the wedding!!

We had such a lovely day and the sun shone too!!!

I thought I would share a few photos ... its been really hard to pick as there are so many I love ... this is part 1 :)

we didn't have a professional photographer, so these were just taken by my dad, brothers and Steve's sister.

George, Steve's nephew and best man, picked us up in his lovely truck!

us girlies dressed up at our place with help from my friend Tina. Steve took the dogs and went over to his mum and dads to get dress there and give us some space

It was a really chilled morning, and we had loads of time even though we left at 9.45 as we had been up since 4am!

I realised after, when I looked at the photos, that I should have cleared the dog toys off the decking ... but what can I say ... they are 'real' photos!

my parents and Steves parents :)

me and my gorgeous girlies! ... didn't they look beautiful!

our perfect wedding ceremony would have been in a field or garden, somewhere out doors as thats where I feel closest to God, but thats pretty hard to organise in this country. We are both pretty shy and so although I am a christian, the idea of being in a crowded church and the centre of attention for so long was just horrid and making me feel really sick. So we decided that a quick registry office wedding with only close family was far easier for us to cope with, so thats what we did ... the room only held 20 so it was a bit of a tight squeeze, with brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews and parents, but we managed it and it was perfect ... and I didn't feel nervous at all!

my dad managed to walk me in ... all 10 yards of the room!

we exchanged our vows, and had a kiss ...

then took lots of photos!

and it was done ... we were married!!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx