wedding fun :: kids bags

We had quite a few kids at our wedding and didn't want them to be bored, so made up some activity bags for them!

First I saved all the sandwich paste jars that Steves has in his lunch ...

I then cut out cellophane

got lots of bags of dolly-mixture and evenly divided them between all the jars ...

with elastic bands I secured the cellophane disks

I cut out lots of different fabric disks with pinking-scissors that matched the bunting and tied them on with cream ribbon

I made colouring books with a few puzzles in too. I made a few extra so if any of the adults wanted to have a go they could too!

We had pink bags for girls and green for boys ... each bag was made by my mum to save me some time and I individually packed them with the sweetie jars, pens, crayons, card games, stickers, clay models to make, jig-saws, toy cars and tractors and the colouring books

It was lovely to see the kids open them and they were all really well behaved!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx