a new year

I would like to say I haven't blogged for a while because I have been having a crazy-wild time, but the truth is that this pregnancy has taken any of the little spare energy I have and I still have this cough that I have now had for 14 weeks so I have been snuggled away at home.

We had a lovely Christmas, saw family and had a friend and her family stay for new year. Amazingly the Christmas tree survived even with a 1 year old wolf in the house! ... not only survived, but wasn't even touched! The first night it was up we were listening out for a huge crash (the dogs sleep next to it) but we went in in the morning and it was still all perfect :)

I decorated the cake pretty much the same as last year, only this year I made a square cake ...

2014 was the most wonderful year of my life and 2015 promises to be even better with a spring baby and new chapter of my life beginning ... I still can't really believe that I am pregnant and living in the sweetest home with the most lovely husband a girl could have ... it just shows dreams do come true!

I only really have one new years resolution ... I have basically been being sick since our wedding in the summer ... first it was morning (or should that be all the time) sickness, then this cough I have had has been making me throw up ... so cooking and making nice meals has been the last thing I have felt like doing ... poor Steve ... so I want to start making nice meals and trying new things again, not doing the easiest/quickest thing I could get away with!

This Spring my project is the baby's room ... it will be sleeping in with us obviously, but our room is not very big, so the spare room is for the baby and my plan is to have a woodland room ... I will share some of my ideas and inspirations with you later, but I am so excited about getting it all together and making stuff for it :)

Then once that room is done I need to get cracking on Dora-the-caravan ... She is in place and pretty much gutted but needs painting both inside and out. Steve's dad has started on a work bench in there for me, but he got the flu before Christmas, so its not really finished.

I hope January hasn't been too cold and wet and windy for you all ... its been pretty crazy here ... and today its snowed!!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx