magpie monday :: chests of drawers

I have been searching for ages for a chest of drawers for the babies room. Most seem to end up selling for about £180 and that was a little out of our budget, so I was really pleased to find this one on ebay ...

there is a little damage on the top, which I think is why we got it for only £26!!! it is lovely old wood and the perfect size that I wanted :)

I have also been looking for a bedside table for myself, and every time we've been to a charity shop I've been checking any they had out ... but they were all melamine or more money that I thought they were worth, so was really pleased when my mum found this one in the forces shop for only £15 ... I was also really impressed that she managed to text me a photo of it!! ;)

I am so pleased with it as its bigger than the little thing I had there before! just need to find another or something similar to replace the old tatty one that Steve has on his side of the bed!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx