car seat cover

liking everything to be pretty, I really didn't like the car seat cover that came with the pram we got ... it was a stiff waterproof material ... which I know a lot would say is very practical, but sometimes prettyness has to come before practicality!! (trust me it does!)

so I figured I would have a go at making a new cover ... I took the old cover off and made a pattern from it (a little fiddly as I decided not to take it apart to do it)

I picked greens and browns as the pram is brown and I love the soft green (my mum pointed out that the green spotty is just like my kitchen table cloth ... yes it is! what can I say, I love it!)

I am really pleased how it turned out and even used his other car seat to make a pattern for the head rest as this one didn't have one.

and of course I had to make a little blanket for it! nice chunky wool so it grew quickly!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx