magpie monday :: baby clothes

Being pretty much house-bound through my pregnancy since Christmas meant I couldn't do the fun bit of pregnancy ... buying stuff for baby! We have been very blessed though with everyone giving us bits and bobs ... the only thing I managed to get myself was a set of tiny white baby grows to bring him home from the birth centre in, but as I ended up having him at home, it didn't matter anyway!! ... but I really did want to pick out some clothes and bits for myself ... after all when they are tiny babies they are really an extension of yourself (I'm not taking away from him being an individual, but by style and likes are important to me and I didn't want him dressed in just anything!)

about a month ago Steve, Billy-boy, myself, a friend and her wee-little-lass went to a carboot sale ... it was a hot and busy carboot ... in the first half and hour I lost Steve and Billy-boy and then Steve and I had to pop back to the car to feed and change him (babs, not Steve!!)

there are always lots of baby clothes at carboots, but how people display them can really make a difference when you are feeling stressed and hot (which we were by that point) but there was one stall in the corner where she had packaged the clothes up beautifully and put them in plastic boxes for sizes and it was so exciting (for me!) to look through ... most were £1.20/£1.50 for the set and all in excellent condition and some I don't think had been worn at all!

the top on this little set he has grown out of already, but the trousers are still ok!

I just L-O-V-E this woodland top!

ummmm .... cute!!!!

he lives in these 2 babygrows ... I am sure they had never been worn.

these little shorts were 50p from another stall.

a few weeks before the carboot I went to a tabletop sale and bought these ... little dungarees and top - £2.50

and 3 lovely babygrows ... they are still too big for him, but I love them! - £1.50 each

and I also got this ... you can't really see it but its like a little cocoon ... he is too big for it now, but I used it when billy-boy was smaller ... it was £2.50


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx