his half birthday

today is his half birthday ... this gorgeous little boy is 6 months old today ... 6 months ago my life changed forever and I became a mama ... 6 months ago I got to meet the little one I had longed for

he is such a happy little chappy ... he loves standing, singing himself to sleep, sucking his thumb, watching the sky, the dogs ... and they love him back, Steve’s bedside clock, his bath time, blowing bubbles, looking at the photos I have on the fridge, pulling funny faces and sticking his tongue out!

I feel sad that he is growing so fast ... I love tiny new borns, but he is leaning so many new things and its lovely seeing his little character develop

this weekend we are going away for a family party ... it will be the first time he will have been away from his daddy (me too in 2 years!!) but he will get to see all his auntie and uncles and cousins on my side and I am so looking forward to Christmas this year ... I know he will just love looking at the tree and lights ... it will be magical

happy half birthday billy-boy


  1. Happy Half Birthday Billy your a gorgeous little chap and I bet your precious Mummy bursts with Pride every time you Smile xx


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