goals for 2016

2015 was an amazing year, but I must admit, time seems to fly by when you have a baby and things I planned to get done are not!

so instead of resolutions, I am setting myself some goals for this year ...

we used our Christmas money to go towards a new cooker ... it had been very disheartening trying to cook when the oven only had one temperature and the grill didn't work. its ok for a short while, but after 2 years I was so ready for a working cooker!! ..... so I want to try one new recipe every week! wish me luck!!

finish decorating! last autumn I set myself a challenge to get it done by Christmas ... got a lot done, but there are a few little bits to finish off and I am determined to get them done!

dilly and timber ... they have been sadly neglected of late ... don't get me wrong, they are loved and fed, but this horrid weather and the fact we seem to have been constantly ill over the autumn means that walks have been short or not always every day ... they can have a good run around in the garden, but its not the same so we need to get back into a good routine with them.

do up dora ... back in 2014 Steve bought me an old caravan to do up and use as a work room ... I love her but apart from being pretty much gutted and a work bench being half built in her, she has just been used a storage place since billy-boy was born. this year I want to crack on with her ... I have a carpet, the paint and the fabric for the curtains ... I need to wait for a little less rain, but I can't wait to start!

and there is the one that is always on my list, lose a bit of weight ... the annoying thing was, when I was pregnant I didn't put any weight on apart from a little at the end, but since I've been breast-feeding, its a constant battle to not put on, let alone lose any ... but here's hoping!!

so I know they are late and most people are well into their resolutions/goals but I do feel like I'm am only just getting into 2016 ... so here they are! good luck with any you are setting your self x


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx