magpie monday :: kitchen bits

We have been looking for a couple of chairs for the kitchen for a while now. I was out with my mum last week and found these in a house clearance shop . . .

they are really well made, probably not that old, and very sturdy. I paid £20 for the pair. I may, later on in the summer, paint the backs or the seat . . . got to decide :)

Years ago, I used to admire my sister-in-law's mum's pottery (it's not that complicated!) She had a lovely collection of Denby Gypsy and I just knew it was the pottery of my dreams, the colours were lovely and even back then, when I dreamed of my perfect kitchen, I knew it would fit! Well I got given a couple of egg cups in it years ago that I have treasured, but this last month I have managed to grab a couple of bargains off eBay . . .

The casserole dish was £5 and the coffee pot was £2 .50 . . . total bargain I say! I am on the hunt for more now!

I have a bit of weakness for little jugs, and this one was only £1 in Oxfam . . . couldn't resist!

have you found any bargains this month?


  1. Our (purple) double pram was our eBay bargain of the month!


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