some half finished projects

I seem to constantly have a load of half finished craft projects on the go . . . I thought I would share some in a hope that it would kick me in the butt to get on with some!

first up is this latchet rug making kit . . . my mother in law bought this to do for Billy's bedroom over the winter, but her eye sight isn't up to it . . . so I have the fun of it :)

half the work is working out the colours!

I have actually done more than this as have had a bit of a blitz . . . but think it will be another year before its done.

This is a birth sampler for Billy . . . I usually like to design my own, but I saw this a thought it was so perfect with the woodland theme for his room that I couldn't resist! I haven't picked this up for a while, but hope to get it done before he actually moves into his own room (whenever that will be!)

. . . and there has to be a bit of knitting . . . I think this has to be my favourite colour . . . I bought the wool to make myself a hat . . . I find it hard to find the perfect hat as I like them nice and loose . . . I made it a bit too loose . . . well the story is that I knitted it on a journey and had worked out how many stitches I needed but Steve thought it would be funny to keep saying different numbers while I was counting my stitches . . . I'm easily distracted at the best of times, so of course I gave up and ended up with too many stitches. (I was making it up as I went along anyway, so it was all a bit hit and miss) not sure I will show you though, as it did end up a bit big . . . but anyway, I had some wool left over so thought I would make a scarf to match . . . it will probably be for next winter now!

oh go on . . . here it is . . . the huge hat! I did gather the bottom in with some wool (as shown below) but then it wasn't as comfy, so will have to get some sheering elastic and have another go . . .

hope you enjoyed a giggle! ;)
wish me luck in getting some finished x


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