cleaning essential oil bottles

I always feel a little sad when I finish a bottle of essential oil . . . it quickly goes when I start a new bottle though!

But these little bottles are so useful and so I like to keep them. They can be used put your own blends in, or store your own blends if you have a special blend that you like to make a lot of. They are also great for if you make a blend for a baby and a child that needs to be extra dilute, so you only need a couple of drops of the blend, they are storing them.

You can make up blends and perfumes for friends and family. Or if you are going away and don’t want to take your whole stash of oils, you can put a little in some of these bottles . . . and there is of course, using them a little flower vases (my personal favourite!)

Sometimes you can re-use the bottle without having to wash it out, if your blend includes the original oil from the bottle.

Cleaning out the oils though is not as simple a just rinsing out. It is best to wait till you have a little stash of bottles that need to be cleaned and do them all together.

First put the bottles (I take them all apart, lid and stopper or roller if there is one) and bury them in a container full of Epsom Salts. I put a layer of salts down, fill the bottles with a teaspoon of Epsom Salts, and put them in the container, filling all around them with salts. I also put the lids etc in.

They need to be left for a few days in the salts. The Epsom Salts will absorb every last drop of oil and making me some nice bath salts in the process!

After a few days, take them out of the salts, and leave them soaking in some hot soapy water. A Castile soap works well. Allow them to soak for about 24 hours, then peel off the labels and see if the original scent has gone. If it still smells, then leave to soak for one more day. Make sure they are completely dry before storing them.


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