morning sun

Most weeks I travel 40 mins to go and visit my parents. Yesterday as I was driving, the sun was shining and it really felt Spring was on it's way! We are pretty high up and usually it's a lot cooler where we are. It felt like traveling through the season! Our daffodils are up with buds but only a couple have burst into bloom. As I drove, even just a few miles down the road the colour hit me and soon all along the side of the road was full of yellow. By the time I got to Mum's, we were in full Spring and her garden was full of pretty primroses, daffodils and other lovely flowers.

It made me really feel like I am stepping into something. God made me a promise back in January, and even gave me a time. I really had a moment driving over there yesterday that like stepping into Spring, I was stepping into His promise!

Outside, this morning looks so different. Yesterday everything was so clear. Today although the sun is SHINING LIKE MAD there is a  white mist down the valley and its just like a glowing light and the dew drops are like diamonds on the hen pen!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx