silicone washing up sponge

I saw this advert on Facebook the other day ... and thought 'wow,yes ... I want to try those!'

I didn't actually buy them from Facebook as when I came back to find it, I couldn't (I'm not sure this was the same video advert, but it was very similar!), so I bought a couple from eBay ... they were £2.50 each, free postage and packing and arrived this morning!

So what sold me on them? Well I always hate how gross normal washing up sponges become so quickly ... I seem to get through a lot and always think they are just a breeding ground for germs.

I have only use them so far today for washing up and they have worked brilliantly. They can be used as heat proof pan holders, you can boil them to sterilise them, bits of food and dirt don't cling to them.

I googled about silicone:
All silicone is inert, it does not react with other elements or compounds. There are (as yet) no known health hazards of silicone. Silicone is not biodegradable, but it can be recycled easily – where facilities exist. Silicone comes in two grades, food and medical grade silicone.

I don't think that curb side recycling take silicone, but I thinking that they will last for a long time, so less waste in general!

Have you tried them?
What do you think?


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx