Billy's wish list and Jack's first trip to the beach

So, for like most people, last year we didn't go to many places ... just mostly the hospital ... so I asked Billy what he would like to do this year and he has made the most adorable list of memories he wants to make like a sleep over at grannys, going on a train and eating an ice cream on the beach! We decided as it is his birthday on Tuesday, that we would head to the beach yesterday!

The weather was perfect, not to hot but still with no wind ... we had the usual competition to see who would see the sea first!

We stopped at Aberaron first ... it was still really early so nice and quiet. We had the most delicious icecreams and walk around the towns.

We then headed on further down the coast to New Quay ... unfortunatly it was a lot busier by then and the beach was pretty packed, but we found a quiet spot and tried to build a sand castle ... the sand was gorgeous, very soft and fine, but no good for sand castles ... next time we will head to our usual beach, Borth, and spend the day building with perfect sand castle sand!!

We found the sweetest shell shop and treated ourselves to a few shells and treasures. Billy found some large glass gems that have now become his pireate treasure! I also bought a pretty beaded bracelet which I just love!

The first time we took Billy to the beach, I picked up a little stone and wrote the date on it ... so this time we picked up a stone for Jack!

Heading home we went over the Devils Staircase ......... I have never been that way before ... oh my goodness ... it was beautiful but crazy to drive! Have you been that way? Some very very steep and winding roads!

It is amazing how a day out can make you feel better ... I really feel like the cobwebs have been blown away! I think we need to make an effort to head out somewhere more regularly!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx