When you dress up, take photos

 We are not a big 'dressing up' family, even before everything stopped last year ... comfort is definitely a top priority in our home, so when we do dress up a little smarter than usual I take photos!

We went to a family Christening today and it was lovely. I had the usual panic before we left that I was too fat and Steve told me the usual 'you look beautiful' that I never believe as I know he is saying it to make me feel better. But today I did manage to enjoy it and not worry too much about how I looked.

The boys of course looked gorgeous as they always do!

But I was pleased that we actually got some with Steve and myself in too!

And a photo of us together too! That NEVER happens!!

It was strange to think that it was probably one of the biggest groups of people that Jack has been with his whole life! Such a lovely day and it felt like things are getting back to normal!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx