its after midnight

Well here I am, yet again, after midnight and still not asleep ... instead I am on a laptop with a very low battery listening to old music. I have a sweet dog curled up beside me making the funnest nosies in her sleep ... what is she dreaming of??

It has been a weird week and not one that I want to repeat in a hurry ... God has shown me his love and mighty power yet again, but I am glad that I am out the other end of it! Life seems very hard sometimes!

Looking forward to my sister in law getting Gracie puppy in a couple of weeks ... in case you don't know, she is a little black cocker spaniel (half sister to Dilly, my own ball of fluff). I can't wait to see Dilly & her together, I wonder if they will know that they are related? It will be hard to tell as Dilly is so excited to see everybody anyway, that it may not be that she recognizes her smell.


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx