new picture of Gracie

Got sent a new picture of Gracie this morning ... she has grown so much and is so pretty. She has a white bit on her nose like Dilly has :) Bex is so excited ... only 2 weeks to go!

Pouring with rain today, so I don't feel very inclined to go for a run or anything (like I know I should!) I think I have a rotten metabolism as I have done so many crash dieting and not eating ~ I think I have messed it up. Looked up on-line and it says eat plenty of complex carbohydrates, eat often (but not in the evening), drink lots of water and stay off coffee and eat lean meats ... oh, and exercise more! Actually sounds like a diet I can stick to!

I am so tired at the moment though, which I think is a reaction to last week and the fact that I am actually unwinding from feeling really stressed! Feel quite positive though :)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx