look what I found

After digging out my sewing machine last week, I have also had a delve in my wool basket (huge box really!) and came across some half made brooches that I used to sell when I did jewellery parties & craft fairs ... I forgot how sweet they are and think I will start selling them again! ... crazy-pup ran into the garden with some of the wool and a crochet hook ... managed to get the wool back, but couldn't find the hook anywhere! (and I spent about half an hour looking too!) About an hour later crazy-pup comes trotting in with it ... I have no idea where she had hidden it! At least I got my hook back :)


  1. trinket box said ...

    Ooh, that is cute! You should definitely start selling them again :)

    26th July 2009

    1. thank you .... as long as I can remember how!

      26th July 2009


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