my young apprentice

Yesterday Kara (my 6 year old niece) was bored so I suggested that if she made some jewellery bits with her Aqua Beads, then I would make them into jewellery for her ... she had great fun making a square pendant and 2 round flower shapes for earrings. The Aqua Beads had to be left over night to dry, but this morning we had great fun finishing them off into some funky jewellery for her to wear!
Yes, we have gold & silver mixed together, but who am I to question her design?

Just before lunch I was told by her that I wasn't allowed to use my desk as she was doing something secret! She then presented me with this ...
On the back she has written ... To help out ~ turn over and on the front ... ideas (she has got my personal website & my work one mixed up ... my personal is & my work one is
The bracelet has lots of black heart beads hanging off it and measures 6 /12 (6 1/2 what? I don't know!) and the very pretty red & pink flower necklace measures 12 1/2. Maybe it is time I had an apprentice ... we could bring out a KARA-BEAN range ... what do you think?


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx