NEW daisy letter magnets

I have been making these sweet shabby chic letter magnets for a year now and they have been really popular (which is good!) ~ made to order for 50p per magnet just pick the letters you need to make the name/word you want.
Yesterday I made a set of letter magnet to match my butterfly & daisy set for a customer ~ she wanted the word Daisy ... here they are ...
I am so pleased with them I have made a whole alphabet and have them as a made to order set too! I really should have made them in the Spring, ready for the Summer ... but I guess its never too late for something pretty! ~ I hope you like them :)


  1. trinket box said ...

    Ooooh I like the S! Which is good, seeing as my name is Sophie :D They're so cute. x

    11th September 2009


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