some prettyness

Been feeling pretty low recently and am still really tired all the time, so I decided to cheer myself up with a little bit of prettyness .... its pink ... its roses ... and its a ring .... 3 perfect reasons why I love it (and it didn't break the bank!) .... here it is ...
I don't want to promote shopping for comfort but sometimes a little something that makes you smile is all you need!
Thank you Glitterysah ~ visit her shop here ... ... for more pretty loveliness


  1. Kate said...

    Oh dear, sorry you've been feeling so low. There's nothing wrong with a little treat here and there to get you through the day and the ring is gorgeous! Feel free to email me any time you need a chat. Enjoy wearing your ring!

    Kate x

    10 September 2009 15:41

  2. thanks Kate :) I think I am just really tired and need a long holiday where I can just lie and read a book for a few weeks! Don't think thats going to happen for a while though!

    ahh, well, I am going to try and go to bed early tonight ... well before midnight!

    Thanks again xxx love Maria xxx

    10 September 2009 23:16


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