looking back

Firstly I hope every one has been having a great 2010 so far ... can you believe its the end of January already! Looking back at my New Year's resolutions, I can't say that I have managed them all ...  haven't done too well on them ...

1. Don't moan when I feel ill ... there is nothing more annoying than some one constantly moaning. Mum says I don't moan ... but I know I feel like moaning a lot, so I am going to make sure I don't ... I really don't want to be a moaner.
~ I have really tried at this so 7/10

2. Stop feeding Dilly-dog scraps from my plate ... It isn't a big problem in that she doesn't pester people, but I know it is a bad habit and is something that I need to stop doing.
~ started off well at the beginning of the month but it has slipped this last week ... 5/10

3. Go to bed early ... well before midnight .... got into a very bad routine ... I think I am now in a different time zone!
~ been terrible at this ... 1/10

4. Write more letters ... keep in touch with people more.
~ well I wrote thank you letters for Christmas, but not done any others ... 5/10

5. have more routine in my day, and more set working hours so that I can have time off without feeling guilty .... and go to bed earlier!
~ Well, I have had some days when I have been very productive and a couple of nights I have been to bed before midnight, so .... not too good 3/10 I think :(

6. do some accounts everyday so that they don't become a big mountain of a job that I put off doing!
~ ahh, now this one I can feel proud about ... most days I have done some ... 8/10 :D

7. spend more time making pretty things and being creative not just do the 'boring necessary' jobs that you have to do when self-employed.
~ I've had a few days where I have enjoyed making (see pics below!) so ... 6/10

8. keep my desk tidy!
~ I don't think we should even look at this one! ... 0/10!!!

So all in all ... not that great ... must try better next month ... I think I will write them out and pin them up so I see them every day!

Wish me luck for February!

On a more positive note, here are some of the pretty things that I have made this month ... jewellery ...

... and some Valentines cards ...


  1. I really can't get away with feeding Dulcie from my plate! do it once and she begs every time! She has this funny way of begging too! She looks at youy steadily but when you look at her she quickly looks away as if to say "I'm not doing anything" cheeky monkey!

  2. Decoromana said ...

    Your jewellery is sooooo cute! And Valentine Cards are really lovely :):):)

    30th Jan 2010

  3. Kate said ...

    I think you've done really well! Usually when I make resolutions, they rarely last past the second week of January, so for you to still be working on them at the beginning of Feb is fantastic. Keep it up! ;)

    Loving the new things you've had in the shop this year. The bottom left Valentine's card with the big heart reminds me of those amazing chocolate boxes you can get in the shape of a big heart. I'd love to receive one of those on Valentine's Day, they're so romantic - and think of all the chocolates you'd get inside a big one!!!

    Gorgeous post as always,

    Kate x

    30th Jan 2010

    1. oooh ... yes .... box of chocolates *dreamy look in eyes!*

      Thank you for your lovely message Kate ... I could feel quite depressed at how badly I have done with my resolutions, but I am just going to start again, so 'Hello February!!'

      30th Jan 2010

  4. Chloe said ...

    you've done really well so far! keep it up :o) Im still struggling with a few of mine.. ee welly!! Tomorrow is a new month :o)

    Beautiful jewellery & blog!!

    Chloe x

    31st Jan 2010

    1. Thanks Chloe, I am determined to make February better than January was!
      Thank you for your lovely message xx

      31st Jan 2010


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