its the phone for you!

Had a weird phone call this evening ... some guy phoned, said 'I don't really know where to start, but I have a load of your post!' He was working for an old lady that lives a few roads away and they found a load of post for our road in her garden ... from just before Christmas!! It has spent weeks under snow and is soaking. He phoned the post office and they want him to drop it in. (he got our number from a neighbour that he called cos there was some of their mail too. I'm sure our local post man wouldn't have dumped it so it must have been a Christmas temp.

Then I discovered that phoning my friend in hospital has been costing me 50p a minuet!!!! I have checked our bill online and its cost me £42.70! I could have visited her for that (well almost!) Feel quite sick ... not sure how I will pay it :(


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx