lovely day off

Went shopping in Bluewater today ... well I say I went 'shopping' ... I didn't get anything except a funny birthday card for my dad's birthday. My sister-in-law had a long list of thing to get and for the first time when going shopping and having a list of things to get, we managed to get what she needed. Lots of lovely clothes and accessories :)

It was a lovely day though, we had lunch out and when I got home had a lovely evening cuddling Dilly-dog and watching TV .... perfect day off!

Last year my sis-in-law gave up sugar for lent and carried on for the rest of the year. She has lost about 2 1/2 stone and as she is only 5'2" that is a lot ... she looks amazing! I think I will give it a go too ... and I am starting a little earlier than lent, so you never know ... I may lose more than her! hehe.


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx