It started falling last night and carried on until this evening ... lovely fresh white snow. Luckily I only had to go to the Post Office and I walked (without Dilly-dog ... didn't want to be pulled over!) I think it will be quite icy tomorrow though.

Still trying to get on top of work since coming back from Cornwall ... not quite un-packed it all yet ... in fact still not got into a good routine yet ... like now ... I should be asleep, but I am still awake and pottering! At least I am in bed I guess. Must cut down on my coffee intake in the evening (well all day really ... but lets start with the evening) that should help.

I slept really well last night and the night before ... makes me realise that I like my own bed ... its comfy ... does that mean I am getting old? I used to be able to sleep anywhere :/


  1. love this pic! did you take it? it's magical an almost glittery! xxx

  2. sadly no, I can't take credit ... magical is the perfect word for it :)


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