and more snow

I still don't seem to be able to wake up early no matter how hard I try ... it is a weird week as because of the snow everything is disrupted and routine has gone to pot ... will not beat myself up about it .... but I must not give up trying!

Saw this AMAZING picture on the internet today of the UK covered in snow .... it looks just like something from the film 'The Day After Tomorrow' I don't know when the UK was totally covered in snow! We have to brave it into town sometime tomorrow ... got to pick up a parcel from the PO and we need some food (as well as the all important coffee!) I managed to get to the local PO today without falling over but the ice is about an inch thick outside our house.


  1. that really is an amazing pic! you're right just like day after tomorrow! I just saw that the other night, it's one of mums favourites! xxx


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