s :: sunsets, stories, shy, shopping

I'm gonna do this list backwards ....

Ahh, shopping ... its been a while since I have had a good shopping trip .... coming home with aching legs and arm fulls of bags after a great day with a friend or my mum!

I am shy, but am a lot better than I was .... the trick is to ask people about themselves!

I can not spell, but I love making up stories .... writing them in note books (another thing I love .... stationary ... I get that from my dad .... put us in a stationary shop and we will be happy for hours!) I also love reading great stories ... here are a few books that I have read in the last few years.

Sunsets & sunrises (although admittedly I am not often up in time to see a sunrise) but I love how they are all different and the wonder that at every moment, somewhere on the planet someone is watching a sunset. The colours in a sunset and the patterns in the clouds can make are breathtaking!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx