t :: technology, tired, traveler

I am a bit of a geeky girl when it comes to technology & gadgets, I think it comes from having 4 brothers and a teck-savvy dad. I have always wanted a mac but thought it would cost too much, but 3 years ago my dad, so fed up with his PC going wrong all the time, switched to apple, which meant that not long after I could too and use his programs :D I am now a total convert and would never go back to windows!

Having Glandular Fever when I was young and being off school for a year and then only doing part time for a little after that, has meant that tiredness has followed me for as long as I can remember ... I try not to let it hinder me, but it is always there. I know that's not a huge thing to have when some people live with terrible problems every day, but it begins with T ... so I thought I would mention it!

I love traveling .... I haven't done much in recent tears being self-employed ... but when I was younger, I have done quite a bit and still love going off on a journey ... I want to do more!!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx