I think this post should really be called ... what time??? ... did a car boot today and got up at 5.45 so we would be there for 6.50 ... EARLY START ... the gates opened at 7.15 and yes there were people looking round that early on a Sunday morning when most normal civilized people would be in bed!

Had a pitch next to a lovely couple and managed to sell half of what I went with ... also managed to make it home without mum filling the car with stuff she had bought!

Felt knackered the rest of the day though!!

Been exploring with Dilly, went the other side of the main road and into some fields that had been ploughed ... the view was amazing ... a lovely kind of scenery that is very English .... rolling hills and LOTS of trees which is good cos I am a bit of a tree hugger and love trees.

I got a couple of Christmas presents this week so have made a start. Really must start making a list though as I have been so unorganized this year.


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx