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A few days ago the lovely Michelle from Shellybobbins asked if I would be one of her testers for her new soap that she is making ... of course I said yes! I have never been asked to be a tester before :) It arrived yesterday and smelled DIVINE!
I have already given it a BIG test, helping my dad put the roofing felt on the extension ... got tar all over my hands ... white spirit got it off, but white spirit stinks and Shelly's soap worked wonders leaving my hands smelling yummy and I have been sniffing my hands ever since! hehe
Please check out her blog and facebook page to find out more!


  1. shellybobbins said ...

    Wow ! thank you so very much I filled the soap to the brim with love xxx im so glad you like it, glad you got the roof done and the soap took away the smell hee hee xxx

    love you marina xxx thank you xxx

    love shellybobbins xxx

    25th Sept 2010

    1. your welcome Shellybobbins ... it is yummy!

      Maria x

      25th Sept 2010

  2. Teri said ...

    Awww how lovely! It must make you feel very special to be chosen! Enjoy smelling pretty! xxxx

    25th Sept 2010


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