a chat with SOPHIE from TRINKET BOX

 Sophie & I have been tweeting (@trinket_box) on twitter for over a year now and I have always loved her shop on Folksy full of pretty jewellery. I have just treated my self to some of her beautiful earrings ('earrings are my one weakness' ~ Dorcas Lane) and I can't wait for them to arrive.

8 words that most describe you?
I had to ask my boyfriend this! He said nice, creative, active, intelligent, honest, caring, thoughtful, lovely [awhh, haha]

What do you make?

I make jewellery, and I love it :)

What new craft would you like to try?

Well, I'm doing a silversmithing class beginning of October, which I'm really looking forward to. Also want to learn how to crochet - I recently bought myself a little kit to make a crochet bracelet, I need to try it out!

What is the best present someone has ever given you?

Two of my friends clubbed together and bought me a Tiffany pendant for my 22nd birthday, and my boyfriend bought me Tiffany earrings for my last birthday. I'm a bit of a Tiffany fiend! I've been given lots of lovely presents, though.

When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?

Either a dancer/dance teacher or a princess...

What’s on the walls in your room?

I have art work by an amazing artist called Kurt Halsey. See his work at kurthalsey.com. I've got prints and posters up, plus two originals - a sketch and a sculpture of a kitty. I also have a lovely canvas print of Jack Sparrow :) I used to have a painting my friend made me for my birthday a few years ago, I need to put it up again.

Were you named after anyone?
My middle name is Alice, which was my great grandmother's name.

Do you have any nick-names?

I've acquired loads over the years. Soapy-suds zero [don't ask], Saf, Soapy, Sophie Alice Bexter [hate that one, so silly], Phee, Frankie...there's probably more, I just can't think!
I hope you have enjoyed some randomness with Sophie. Please check out her lovely shop and blog!

... and Sophie ... awww to your boyfriend ;)


  1. trinket box said ...

    Thank you again, for interviewing me! I may have to do this for my blog! :) I'll have to get you to answer some questions [as long as you're ok with that hehe].

    9th Sept 2010

    1. your welcome Sophie :D
      Yeah you should!!

      Maria x

      9th Sept 2010


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