friendship vignettes :: HOLE

Teri and I met at a friends wedding 14 years ago ... we actually met in the girls toilets and got chatting ... and we have been chatting ever since! (by the way I was a bridesmaid ... didn't just turn up in a fancy dress!)

I came across this lovely blog last week ~ HAPPY SNAPPY ~ and thought it was such a lovely idea! One girl lives in Scotland and the other in Finland, each week they have a pre-arranged theme or title and go out and take a picture ... no discussion before hand about what they are going to take. On Sunday they put them side by side on their blog ... Now Teri & I don't live as far apart as they do, but we haven't seen each other for 5 years now and I thought it would be a lovely little project for us to do too. Teri came up with our beautiful title 'Friendship Vignettes'. I hope you like our photos ...

week 1
:: hole ::

oh and some baby niece news ... yey ... she was born at 5.45 this morning ... all healthy and lovely and ickle with lots of black hair ... so pleased they are both ok ... I can't wait to meet her & have a cuddle x


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx