new project :: RAG RUG

I know I am meant to be finishing off some projects before I start a new one, but after stepping out of my bed onto my cold floor again this morning I have decided to make myself a rug ... I haven't done it since my GCSE year at school but really enjoyed it and its a perfect project for Autumn evenings!

I walked into town today where there is a lovely mouth-watering wool shop and bought a hook and rug canvas. I know I have wool coming out of my ears at home ... but they had an offer on ... 5 balls for £5, so I got some wool as well!
I will have a delve through my wool later and find some that goes with the colours I have chosen .... Mum has already had a quick look through her wool too to see if there is anything that goes :)

I think I am going to do random stripes ... here is some inspiration ...
I know that a lot of these rugs are done with material rather than wool and crocheted or platted ... but I just love the colours together!
I had a fleeting wonder about doing a City & Guilds ... told my mum who is now looking up all the courses I could do .... It was a fleeting thought ... I don't feel like I can think about it yet ............. humm, City & Guilds are a lot to help you run a business with your chosen subject ... kinda done that!

Went for a lovely walk through some fields and along a river ... Dilly loved it ... its such lovely country side here ... I feel really at home ... wish I had taken my camera though.


  1. Teri said ...

    ooh lovely! I look forward to seeing the finished rug! I bet your feet are going to be very cosy soon! makes me want to have a go again! last time i tried a bit with mum when I was about 8! xxx

    10th Sept 2010

    1. Thanks Teri ... yes, you should have a go again ... but maybe wait till you have your new house and more room! (You have to fit that new jewellery box in remember!!)

      Maria x

      10th Sept 2010

  2. MissDaisiesCrafts said ...

    Look foward to seeing the finished project, ive never tried my hand at rag rug making might be tempted some day

    10th Sept 2010


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