RAG RUG :: update

Well I couldn't wait and started my rug last night ... I decided to try the loop style first, before I cut up all the wool into little lengths and regretted it ... I am really pleased with how its looking ...

I am using 3 strands of wool at once which has given it a lovely mottled look. I have done 4 rows so far (its 1m x 1/2m) and I am doing the stripes across the shorter width. I am so pleased with it so far and haven't got into a tangle yet! (yet ... I am sure it won't be long! ... hehe)


  1. Shellybobbins said ...

    I love it, its a great way of using bits of material up xxxx cant wait to see it finished xx

    11th Sept 2010


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx