Have you met Shelly yet? If you haven't please pop along to her lovely blog and facebook page to find out all about her!

8 words that most describe you?
Caring, Honest, Loving, Funny, Dizzy, Laughing, Independent.

What do you make?
I make all kinds of crafts, I hand sew, embroider, cards, write poems, children's crafts, make soap, lip balm, cushions, cover buttons, notice boards, aprons, bags, dolls, felt envelopes, Christmas sack & stockings, fimo buttons, laundry bags, paint pegs, design patterns, cover books, dolls blankets, hats

What new craft would you like to try?
going to be trying out candles as I just love them, China painting

If you were a mr men / little miss character who would you be?
Mr Jolly ha ha ha

What is the best present someone has ever given you?
Well as mum of 2 girls that would have to be the best gift ever, going through life and finally meeting your soul mate, mum & dad coming home with a baby sister these would be my personal gifts
Other personal things I've been given, my grandad made me a dolls house which I love Christmas day opening the living room door and it was just there with all the lights on amazing to be handmade & furniture too.

When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?
Wanted to be in the Royal Navy until I realised in secondary school Id have to do the physical training and couldn't being disabled

Do you collect anything?
Everything to do with crafting buttons fabric

Do you have any scars? How did you get it/them?
11 scars in total I'm disabled & have had knee replacements & elbow replacements

What’s on the walls in your room?
In my sewing room I've got a very large piece of wallpaper with lots of sewing ideas

Do you wish on stars?
yes of course Shelly wishes on stars I thought everyone did, The North star

What was your favourite toy as a child?
I loved so many from rag doll, weebles, sindy, carie which was so cute (I would love still to have one of these dolls to add to the ones on my bed) dolls house, holly hobby, bag puss, tiny tears, My doll that cried when the dummy came out, wendy house - & next door boy use to put the hose pipe on and i would pretend it was raining ha ha, Loved water fights with washing up liquid bottles, & making a den in the back garden that was great fun - I did a lot of pretend play, I was always the shop keeper.

Do you have any nick-names?
shellybobs !! giggle

Whats your favourite ice-cream flavour?

Mint choc chip xxx
I am glad you are now able to be shop keeper for real now Shelly! You can visit ShellyBobbins lovely shop on Folksy full of her hand made goodies or chat to her on twitter @ShelliBobbins ... Shelly, I have loved being your online friend x


  1. Teri said ...

    Hey Shelly! Loved reading your interview! My favourite ice cream is mint choc chip too and reading about your childhood brought back memories of mine! I had a treasured dolls house too and used to play teacher, nurse and mum! Those were the days although I still like playing...with beads and wool and fabrics :-) xxx

    18th Jan 2011


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