Saturday, Saturday

We were planning to meet up before Christmas, but due to the bad weather and both of us not being well it kept getting postponed, but last Saturday we managed to meet up! Yey! I haven't seen Teri for 5 years, but it was lovely as it was as if no time had passed at all!
We met up in Manchester ... 2 hours away by train for me and 1 hour for Teri ... we had lunch out, did a bit of shopping, went for a lovely cuppa, did a bit more shopping, and then had a lovely meal before getting the train home.
... the first thing we both bought was a couple of bracelets that were on sale (the way we like them!) Teri's is the teal one and mine is the copper one.
I used my Christmas money and treated myself to a pretty bag from accessorize ... perfect for the summer!
... and also from accessorize, this pretty lace scarf, which I think I will wear to my brothers wedding later in the year.
I even managed to get a bit of crochet done on the train ... I have managed to finish one row of hearts ... I have been doing other things over the last few weeks so not picked up my crochet much ... I did run out of wool on the train though as only took the little bit of wool that was left on the ball with me as I didn't want to carry round more than I needed .... more space for shopping!!!! hehe

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I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. Teri said ...

    awww lovely post! It was lovely to see you and it was so easy as though no time had passed wasn't it? I do intend to do my own post about it too and all the lovely things I bought :-)

    It was lovely to also be able to see each others crochet projects and even though my trip was only an hour each way I got lots done :-)

    I can't wait til the next meet up and it being warmer and lighter longer so we don't over heat! hehe and I will bring a nice big bag with me for all my purchases and I will not bring my brolly! My arms are still aching from all that carrying!

    I still love your scarf and I like your bracelet and bag too :-) xxx

    17th Jan 2011


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