ode to my dog

I love my dog ... I do, every day I tell her, every day I kiss her and every day I cuddle her ... I love her. I love the way she is excited about the important things in life, people, food and walks! I love that she can not pretend ... what you see is what you get and I love that she is always pleased to see me.

I love how soft she is and that I can bury my face in her fur and she is always warm and soft. I love that she wants to be in the same room as me and often just wants to sit on my lap. I love that she is gentle and quite, that she gets excited when she finds a lovely large round stone in the garden and holds in her mouth while she decides where to bury it.

I love that you can do anything to her and she does not mind ... she just loves attention! I love watching her run and jump. I love how her ears pick up when you talk to her and I love how she curls into a ball and tucks her legs in under her ears to sleep.

I love that when given a pigs ear she takes 3 days, caring it round and trying to bury it in any furniture she can, before eventually eating it and I love how sometime she forgets where she has buried it and sometimes its really obvious!

I love the noises and twitches she makes when sleeping but most of all I love that she is mine x


  1. awww that is so sweet! I was thinking about writing something like that for Dulcie! Dilly is soooo sweet! It's so funny when dogs can't find things that are almost under their noses and with ours that they show themselves to be so clever and are sometimes so dumb! How boring our life would be without them :-) xxx


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