The Dove

When I was 13 I was off school for a year with Glandular Fever and when I did go back it was just for the mornings so I could come home and rest in the afternoons. On the rare occasions that I didn't have a head ache I was able to watch films and one that my mum and dad had recorded off the TV soon became one of my all time favourite films ... The Dove ... the true story of 16 year old Robin Lee Graham who sailed around the world alone.
The film stars Joseph Bottoms (unfortunate name!) as Robin and Deborah Raffin as Patti ... my eldest brother was actually named Robin after him. This film inspired me, at a time when I was stuck at home, to travel the world ... I just love it!
I managed to get the soundtrack about 5 years ago on record (yes I know! record!!) and was hoping that my dad would be able to use his fancy equipment and record it for me into a format I could actually use .... well it only too about 5 years to get round to it, but tonight I listened to it for the first time on my laptop! YEY! Thank you dad ... I love it, brings back so many memories. Of course in looking for some pictures of the film for this blog post, I have discovered the the soundtrack has recently been bought out on CD! Typical!! hehe
This is the real Robin and Patti, as they are now and The Dove back in 1965 when Robin sailed in her.
I have the film on video, so will now have to see if dad can transfer to a DVD for me!


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