Sunday Sampler ~ week 5 :: WIDE STRIPES

week 5
:: wide stripes ::

Foundation Chain: Using Yarn A, work 32ch.
Foundation Row: (wrong side) work 2tr into 5th ch from hook, 2tr into next ch, * miss 2ch, 2tr into each of next 2ch; rep from * to last 2ch, miss 1ch, 1tr into last ch, turn.
Row 1: 3ch (count as 1tr), * miss 2tr, 2tr into each of next 2tr; rep from * to last 2 stitches, miss 1tr, 1tr into top of turning chain, turn, break off yarn A
Join yarn B.
Rep row 1 12 times, changing colour in the following sequence:
2 rows in B, 2 rows in C, 2 rows in D, 2 rows in C, 2 rows in B, 2 rows in A
Fasten off yarn

This is a close up of the stitch.

I would love to see any squares you make x


  1. MissDaisie's Crafts said ...

    gorgeous colours i still cant get my head around crochet have books etc but it confuses me :~ one day i will learn though ;)

    20th Feb 2011


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