inspired by a magazine and some snaps

I very rarely buy magazines, maybe once or twice a year ... today was one of those times ... and this time it was a knitting one ~ KNIT TODAY February issue ~ and I am actually going to make one of the projects they have in it! A lovely chunky jumper ...
So I popped into town this afternoon and picked some lovely chunky wool in a soft rusty red colour and some size 15mm needles (thats VERY THICK needles for all you non-knitters out there .... size 10mm is the biggest I have used before, and  I thought they were big!) It should grow quickly though being on such large needles!
There was a free gift with the magazine too ... as set of double pointed needles, for knitting socks ... now I have fancied making some socks since watching a lady knitting some on a train journey once, so now I have no excuse and I also bought a ball of lovely wool that I will either use for some socks or include in my Sunday Sampler blanket.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and have some fun projects to look forward to.

looking through my phone this week ...


  1. Trinket Box said ...

    This post has made me want to learn to knit even more! I need to do it! Hope you post with how you get on with your jumper :) x

    21st Feb 2011

    1. cool! you so should ... I have just started it and cos the needles are so big, its grown already! and is such soft wool :)

      21st Feb 2011

  2. Teri said ...

    Ooh looks lovely! My mum has knit today on subscription so I'll have a real look at the pattern when I get a mo. The new wool looks lovely and maybe you'll have enough wool left over after finishing the socks to do a Sunday Sampler square as it doesn't take much does it?
    love Teri xxx

    21st Feb 2011


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