ladybirds and snaps

I think Summer has come ..... too hot to wear a jacket while walking Dilly-Dolly-dog today ... and I was squinting in the sun too! I saw the sweetest ladybird walking on a branch on her way back to her home after a day out doing whatever ladybirds do
...... aren't ladybirds lovely and slightly magical!

I really hope this lovely weather is here to stay ... it made me want to dig out my flip flops (I don't do shoes ... its either boots in the winter or flip flops in the summer) .... and paint my toe nails!
I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!

here a few snaps from my phone this week ...


  1. oooh it's way too cold for flip flops up here!!

    When I read your post I thought you were going to say the ladybird was coming home from shopping for flip flops! hehe ok here's a challenge for you.... a cute little pic of a ladybird wearing flip flops!! I know you can do it :-)

    looking forward to you toe ring Treasury later xxx

  2. haha .... do ladybirds have toes though???


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx